Wanda Dickerson
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    Wanda A. Dickerson, a professional business woman that own and operate Jana's Unique Hair Salon in Lindenwold, New Jersey since 1995.  She has more than five years of higher education, which includes college, business and technical schooling.  Wanda remains a treasure to the community while being a true mentor, advisor and teacher to the community and especially the females.  She is the Co- Founder along with her husband Robert of the Unity Community Center in Camden, New Jersey and the Vice President of International Affairs.  Wanda has been the head director and teacher for the females in the UCC Performing Arts Program at the Unity Community Center in Camden, New Jersey since 1984.   She networks, teaches and performs throughout the United States, Africa (Guinea, Ghana, Senegal, The Gambia, Benin, Morocco) and the Caribbean / Jamaica, Bahamas, Mexico, Bermuda, Barbados, Turks and Caicos sharing her valuable talents, wisdom and knowledge.

    Wanda is also the Co-Founder of the Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble, which was blessed and sanctioned to be one of the best and most exciting professional African Dance and Drum Ensembles in this country.    Universal African Dance and Drum Ensemble's members have many traditional uniforms and costumes which are directly from Africa; however most of the uniforms and costumes are made by Wanda from traditional Africa design.  Being that Wanda is a professional costume designer and maker; many of the beautiful costumes and dresses our females wear in our African Dance, Praise Dance and Interpretive Dance were also made and designed by Wanda.  She is also an expert with more than 40 years of experience in crocheting.  She enjoys crocheting baby wear for every baby born in the Unity Community Center and also crocheting covers and wears for elders and those that ask for her services.

     Wanda teaches African Dance, Praise Dance, Interpretive Dance, Aerobic Dance, Line Dance and various expression art forms.  She teaches and directs modeling, fashion modeling, fashion designing, sewing classes and beauty culture classes.  She is also a professional wedding coordinator / planner, especially in cultural weddings and receptions.  Wanda have also designed and made the wedding dresses for very prestigious weddings and African Cultural weddings.

WANDA DICKERSON has many years of Dance experience as a student in African, Interpretive and Creative Dancing at the following:

Gillespie Jr. High School- 1968 / Phila. Pa.
Gratz High School African Dance-1970 / Phila. Pa.
Arthur Hall Afro American Dance Ensemble - Ile Ife-1979-1982 / Phila. Pa.
Chikuyu Performing Arts Ensemble (Kofi Asante) - 1982 - 1986 / Phila. Pa.
Universal Creative Arts Ensembles (Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble)- 1984 - Present

Many years of Martial Arts (Karate) training and experience / since 1973
Female Grand Master Black Belt



     Wanda was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and as a result of spending much of her childhood in a hair salon in Philadelphia, she later decided to attend Wilfred Academy Hair and Beauty School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Upon graduating she began her cosmetology career and is currently a licensed cosmetologist in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  She currently owns and operates, JANA'S UNIQUE HAIR SALON in Lindenwold, New Jersey.


    Wanda is a Grand Master Black Belt in Karate.  She has been married to Robert Dickerson, the founder and director of the Unity Community Center and has resided in the city of Camden, New Jersey since 1975.  During this union they have been blessed with four children, Jamal, Nasir, Atiya and Ayanna, twelve Grandchildren and two Great Grandchildren.    Their oldest son Jamal,  in 1995 graduated from Camden High School.  Jamal attended Morgan State University and graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Education and a Master's Degree in Public Administration from Rutgers University 2010.   Jamal is married to his lovely wife Ronsha raising their six wonderful children, Jamal II, Karima, Sekou-Moussa, Tenenfig, Fatima and Akeelah.   Jamal is currently the Director of Bands and an Instrumental Music School Teacher for Camden Creative Arts Public High Schools.   Their son Nasir is also a graduate of Camden High School and was honored with a full paid scholarship for high academic and musicianship achievement to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pa, for music education.  In 2006 Nasir, graduated from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with a Bachelor Degree in Music Performance and in May 2007 he earned and received his  Master's Degree in MUSIC EDUCATION with one daughter Nuri. Their oldest daughter, Atiya is a graduate of Camden County Vocational School with high academic achievements.  She majored in Cosmetology and is the manger operator of her family business Jana's Unique Hair Salon in Lindenwold, New Jersey.   Atiya is married to Dwayne Johnson and were blessed with two lovely daughters Dayanna and Anisah.   Ayanna graduated at Camden Creative Art High School, Camden, New Jersey majoring in music and graduated from Rutgers University earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management 2010 and a Master of Arts Degree / Counseling in Educational Settings from Rowan University.  Ayanna also has a lovely son named Jaleel.