Tenenfig Dioubate

Universal African Dance And Drum Ensemble is honored to have superb traditional dance and drum from our African teachers from Guinea ( West Africa), Tenenfig and her brother Moussa.


West African Traditionalist Master Dance Teacher,
Artistic Director & Choreographer

World Renowned Djeli, Griot, Historian, Teacher, Advisor and Healer

Djeli Guinee TENENFIG DIOUBATE was the lead dancer of the National Dance & Drum Troupe of the Republic of Guinea, LES BALLETS AFRICAINS de Guinea (West Africa). Les Ballets Africains has been considered the best African Dance Troupe of its kind in the world for more than 50 years.

She was also the lead dancer of the Les Ballets Mervelles D' Afrique as well as the National Ballet Silinbo of Senegal. Djeli Guinee Tenenfig has toured throughout Africa, Europe and the United States of America, including performances at the Lincoln Center and the United Nations.

She is a master teacher of traditional dance and rhythms. Tenenfig has conducted workshops across the United States at many institutions, universities, colleges, schools and community organizations.

Other prestigious and notable places Tenenfig has directed workshops and performed:

● Throughout Japan
● Throughout Europe
● Throughout the United States of America including:
Broadway - New York City, New York (1997)
Bush Garden - Tampa, Florida (1998)
Disney World - Orlando, Florida (1998-1999)
Universal Studios - Orlando, Florida (1999)
Hawaii- (2000 - 2001)

● National Ballet Silinbo of (Senegal, Africa)- 1973 to 1989

● Worlds Famous and BEST African Dance & Drum
Company in the World since the 1950's
Les Ballets Africains (Guinea, Africa)- 1989 to 1994

● Les Ballets Mervelles D' Afrique- (Guinea, Africa)- 1990 to 1996

    Tenenfig Dioubate is currently teaching Dance troupes in  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and one of the largest African-American Dance & Drum Ensembles in the United States of America, the
UniversalAfrican Dance & Drum Ensemble, headquartered in Camden, New Jersey.  Tenenfig has also taught in Chicago, Illinois, New York City, New York and many cities in the United States of America.




One of Tenenfig's favorite students is RONSHA A. DICKERSON, who is the Head Dance Teacher of the Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble in Camden, New Jersey (USA).  Ronsha has been a dedicated student since 1999.

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