G.M. Early Kelly

01/20/1939 to 06/09/1994

    Grandmaster Earley Kelley was introduced to a self-defense course in 1962.  In 1963 he started his Martial Arts training with is friend Grandmaster Ameer (Alfred Dennis) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania under the style of Kyokushinkai, founded by Mas Oyama.  In 1965 he started training in the style of Shotokan under Master Okazaki in Philadelphia.  Because of his previous training and his sincere dedication to the Martial Arts, he earned his Black Belt in 1967 from Teriyuki Okazaki.

    Grandmaster Kelley moved his family to Camden, New Jersey in 1967 from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He started teaching many Master Black Belts in the Camden and South Jersey and Philadelphia areas.  He has taught in YMCA's, Community Centers, Police Academies and other Martial Art schools.   He also studied MooDukKwan with his friend,  Police Officer George Journer of Camden, New Jersey in 1975.

    Grandmaster Kelley holds three Black Belts in three different styles, one in Kyokushinkai, Shotokhan and MooDukKwan.   He earned his Grandmaster level of the Martial Arts and has taught thousands of people in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Alabama and other southern states.