Youth Entrepreneur
Up Janas Hair Salon Afrutti Ice Ryan O'Neal Royal Kutz Barber Shop

UCC Youth Entrepreneur Program

This program was founded by Robert H. Dickerson and the late Cornelius Lister, Sr..  The UCC Youth Entrepreneur Program is directed by Robert, Wanda A. Dickerson and Gisele Spencer (Sister Gi Gi).   Working very closely with our educational excellence programs, we have blessed with many college graduates with outstanding accomplishments in the field of education.  However there are those who were very interested in business, entrepreneurship and trades.  Our youth entrepreneur program has been very beneficial for many young people.

The youth start with hands-on experience and learning about wholesale outlets on the East Coast and the World Wide Web. Then they are shown how to purchase merchandise at wholesale, mark-up products, and sell them at retail for profit. They also experience training in many trades, such as computer technology, carpentry, electronics, electricity, auto repair, sewing, costume / uniform making / tailoring and also cosmetology (Hair Care).  There are excellent examples such as Jana's Unique Hair Salon, Ryan O'Neal's Thomaslenes Family Barbershop and Dwayne R. Johnson's Royal Kutz Barber Shop These are the successful businesses that developed from the works of the Unity Community Center's teachings, advice and our very own UCC YOUTH ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAM.