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Robert H. Dickerson

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    Robert Dickerson, a 9th Degree Grand Master Black Belt, has been training and studying the Marital Arts (Karate) and African Studies since 1968.  Mr. Dickerson a recognized professor of the Martial Arts, author and a teacher who specializes in programs that develops self-discipline, moral character, cultural awareness and cultural pride.  Mr. Dickerson grew up in Darby and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Since 1968, at a young age of 14, he has been a youth leader and member of African-American organizations dedicated to helping and uplifting the condition of communities, especially young people in the inner cities of the United States of America.  With five years of electronic education, he also developed a career as an electronic technician/engineer since 1972.

   In September of 1975 Mr. Dickerson married Wanda Johnson of North Philadelphia and moved to Camden, New Jersey.  Out of this union they were bless to have four children, Jamal, Nasir, Atiya and Ayanna, twelve  Grandchildren and two Great Grandchildren.

   In 1983, Mr. Robert H. Dickerson, founded and created the Unity Community Center of S.J. Incorporated headquarter at 1544 Mt. Ephraim Avenue, Camden, New Jersey.  The Unity Community Center is the parent organization to all of its performing arts programs.  In 1984, he began teaching Community Development Programs, African-American History, Dance, Drum and the Martial Arts (Karate), Boxing and Kick-Boxing to the residents of Camden, New Jersey, South Jersey and Philadelphia, Pa., through his karate school known as the Universal Pasha Karate (UPK) School  and theUniversal African Dance and Drum Ensemble. 

   The Unity Community Center of S.J. Inc., is the parent organization to all of its national and world renowned performing art programs, which includes the Universal Pasha Karate School, Universal African Dance and Drum Ensemble, UPK Pasha Generals, UCC Praise Dance Ministry, UCC Music Ensemble, UCC Royal Brass Band, UCC Little Jazz Giants, Dean Tree, Cloud Nine Dance and more.  Thefounders; Mr. Robert H. Dickerson, wife Wanda and family are also the creators, artistic directors, choreographers and teachers, with other great professionals of the performing arts programs.

   Mr. Dickerson created one of the best Rites of Passage Program developing (Boys to Men & Girls to Women) using the dynamics of the Martial Arts, Military Style Boot Camp Techniques, Cultural, Discipline Development and Training Classes in America.  He teaches and encourage everyone especially African-Americans or Black People to learn, appreciate and understand the importance of honoring our culture, roots, heritage and place of origin, which is the most beautiful and resourceful geographical area that is called Africa (THE MOTHERLAND).  At the same time, helping our African Family appreciate that there are African-Americans helping to build UNITY, through teaching and emphasizing the importance of EDUCATION, HISTORY, the AFRICAN DIASPORA, and of course presenting the beauty of our original culture of Africa through the PERFORMING ARTS.

   Against great odds, Unity Community Center (UCC) has grown to be a multifaceted organization with approximately 350 active members and hundreds of associated members. Since 1983, UCC can now boast of having won national and international championships from its performing arts programs.  UCC Performing Arts have performed for hundreds of thousands of audiences all over America and abroad.   They have been seen by millions on cable, local, national and international television since 1984.

   For his accomplishments he has been inducted into five prestigious MARTIAL ARTS HALL OF FAMES.  His first inductions happen at the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, held in Jacksonville, Florida on May 7, 1994.   He has received many awards, proclamations, citations, commendations and resolutions from governors, mayors, elected officials, educators, community, business, and religious leaders.  Mr. Dickerson also participates on radio, local and national television discussing the principles of love, discipline and the development of self-discipline using the dynamics of the Martial Arts (Karate) and the BEAUTY OF CULTURE AND THE PERFORMING ARTS.  Mr. & Mrs. Dickerson stressed and taught the value of education and today their four children; oldest son Jamal has a Bachelor Degree from Morgan State University and a Master's Degree fromRutgers University.  Son Nasir has a Bachelor Degree and Master's Degree from the University of the Arts.  Daughter Atiya has a Cosmetology Degree, Manager and Professional Hair Stylist at Jana's Unique Hair Salon in Lindenwold NJ.  Daughter Ayanna has a Bachelor Degree from Rutgers University and a Master's Degree from Rowan University.  The Dickerson strive very hard to be positive role models and mentors, especially for our young people.