G.M. G. Shabazz

The Grandmaster of Boxing

    Brother Gordon (Flash), has been boxing, teaching and coaching over 50 years.  He has boxed amateur and professional.  He was given the name FLASH, which he is most noted in all boxing circles as that name.  The boxing federation wouldn't allow him to continue competing, because one of his eyes wouldn't pass the physical examination.  Everyone knew that was the only obstacle, that kept him from becoming a World Boxing Champion.

    He dedicated his time, especially in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area boxing gyms, helping children and young men and women in the skill or art of boxing.  He has helped the majority of all boxing world champions and top rank defenders in the Philadelphia and the New Jersey area.

    For his love and dedication to the boxing world, he can't walk anywhere in the 5th largest city (Philadelphia)  in the United States of America, without being acknowledged from the thousands of young people he has trained, helped and now most of them are adults today.  He is definitively a true positive role model for our youth.  He also have worked with one of the most respected match makers (Harold Moore) in the United States of America.   Brother Gordon "FLASH" is also a great teacher of life, through meditation, philosophy, history, psychology and life experiences.