UPK Patch

Concept: Creation - The black circle with a white dot directly in the middle. This symbol represents the beginning. In the Holy Bible - Genesis 1:1-5, you will read about the creation. In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void: and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

Study the function of childbirth, and how the baby is in darkness for approximately nine months, until the baby was born into the light. Therefore, in our school we stress to the parents the importance of encouraging their children and/or themselves to continue participating in the Martial Arts classes for a minimum of nine months. As a result, you or your child will develop more discipline, confidence, courage and most times more spirit and enthusiasm needed to train and make the Martial Arts a way of life.

Not only have we made the Martial Arts a way of life, but we strive to make the school systems of this country a way of life. Nevertheless, the school systems in many communities are failing the community. The high drop out rates and problems in schools are amazingly increasing daily. Today, the statistics state more than 80% of students who go to college do not graduate. WHAT A SHAME; but the Universal Pasha Karate School guarantees, that the Martial Arts will help give you the discipline to study and to avoid negative elements. Understanding this will help you stay focused on the righteous paths of life and be successful in your academic schools of study. The Martial Arts (Karate) may become a struggle, boring and/or difficult, but you must remember the value and the rich meaning of creation, and the benefits you will receive from the training and education of the Martial Arts.

When you started your Martial Arts (Karate) training, you were possibly in the dark or without any Martial Arts knowledge and experience. Think of a dark tunnel as you are moving through the tunnel, and suddenly you witness a little light. Within your mind you will start to feel secure, happy, and confident that you will make it through the tunnel. You may also think of the creation symbol as a target, a bull's-eye for focusing and meditation. This is the Martial Arts (Karate) training, "never give up and keep going strong." As you struggle through your training, you may be blessed with the understanding of the Martial Arts (Karate). The Martial Arts (Karate) is a way of life.

You will also notice two Martial Arts (Karate) practitioners on both sides of the creation symbol. The Karate practitioner on the left side is using a punch or hand technique while the Karate practitioner on the right is using a kick or a foot technique. We believe you must be a balanced person mentally, physically, and spiritually to succeed in the difficult times in which we are living. The two Karate practitioners on the patch represent that balance. Balance simply means in this situation to be mentally or emotionally stable. For example, when there is an absence of one of the parents in a household, it can lead to an unbalanced child. This is why reestablishing the values of marriage is very important for us. The science of choosing a mate, creating business, and self-defense are very important. The Martial Arts (Karate) have proven for centuries the ability to develop people to high levels of self-discipline. Education is meaningless without the understanding of love and discipline and the development of self-discipline. We highly suggest to all single parents who are intelligent and wise to encourage their children, family and friends to participate in this wonderful Karate program. This will be one of the best programs that can possibly give you a better understanding of the importance in BALANCING of self. We also believe all the students must develop and train very hard to achieve their highest potential through body, mind, and spirit. The Universal Pasha Self-Defense System consists of three major Martial Arts systems and Boxing. The first system is called Kyokushinkai (Japanese Martial Art / Ameer's Self-Defense System), Shotokan (Japanese Martial Art), and Bando (Burmese Martial Art). These Martial Arts systems are three of the most respected systems in the world. In this system, we also offer professional, and high advanced Kick-Boxing and Self-Defense teaching and training.

UNIVERSAL - including or covering all or a whole without limit or exception. Combined in one, of or pertaining to the universe, or whole system of creation.

PASHA - General, or a high-ranking official, as in Turkey or Northern Africa. A military title used by a prince, ruler, and high civic officials. GENERAL in the military

KARATE - Kara - means empty in Japanese and te means hand - Karate is an empty hand self-defense system. We use what the Al-mighty creator blessed us with, which is our own, magnificent body, mind and spirit.

The name of our Karate school is the Universal Pasha Karate School, which consists of Japanese, Burmese, Chinese Kenpo, Korean Kick-Boxing and Boxing disciplines.  We are also happy to state that we have members of the Christian faith, Islamic faith, and community persons, training in unity and love. Our system without a doubt, has been very successful in developing you to become a better person within your home, school, religion, community and nation training in these Martial Arts disciplines.

Remember, the importance of your beginning, and you may be bless with the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of life’s purpose, using the dynamics of the Martial Arts (Karate). UPLIFTING HUMANITY Sensei (teacher) Robert H. Dickerson